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It is with great excitement that we announce the time has come for ATS Consulting to close its doors. Yes, 2022 is the year of retirement! 

For over two decades, ATS Consulting has been a prominent player in the field of noise and vibration control, specifically for rail transit systems. We are so grateful for the opportunities that have afforded us much success in this industry over the years, and we wholeheartedly thank those who have helped form the ATS legacy. As we close one chapter and embark on another, we look forward to what the future will bring. 

As we wind down ATS operations in the coming months, our reduced staff will be available to assist with OnTrack™-related tasks, and Hugh Saurenman will be available to provide technical support based on his 40 years of experience. In the meantime, we are handing over the ATS OnTrack™ reins to Spy Pond Partners and Cross Spectrum Acoustics

Stay tuned for more information. 

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In September 2001, Hugh and Linda Saurenman did what all small business owners do; they took a risk. With one potential contract in hand, the couple embarked on a new adventure in a familiar place, traveling across the country from their home in Massachusetts to start anew in Southern California.


Moving mere miles away from Hugh’s childhood neighborhood, he and Linda set down roots and began to carve their own corner of the noise and vibration consulting industry. The journey began locally with the LA Metro Gold Line Extension, and ATS quickly grew to be a part of numerous project teams in Southern California and across North America. From evaluating atmospheric effects for the Arizona DOT, to assessing vibration impacts on The Walt Disney Concert Hall and surrounding studios in DTLA for the LA Metro Expo Corridor, to influencing the Final Design of the SANDAG Mid-Coast Trolley. In just ten years, ATS established itself as one of the industry’s leading noise and vibration consultants for rail and other transportation projects.


ATS Consulting has now provided expert service on over 500 projects with Hugh Saurenman at the helm as President and Project Lead. Most notable have been the projects with our strongest teammates to date: Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit). Through early subconsulting projects, ATS quickly established a strong reputation for noise and vibration assessment and mitigation. This led to the creation of our ATS OnTrack™ system designed to monitor onboard noise and rail corrugation at BART and Sound Transit. Today we are handing over the ATS OnTrack™ reins to Spy Pond Partners and Cross Spectrum Acoustics to expand this service and software in an effort to support more transit agencies across North America.


In more than two decades time, ATS has developed a strong footing in the field of noise and vibration and will leave a lasting legacy as Hugh and Linda Saurenman close the company and embark on their next chapter: retirement. Stay tuned for more as we continue this story.

Our Expertise

​ATS Consulting provides innovative and effective acoustical consulting services.

The ATS mission is to:

     1. Work closely with key stakeholders.

     2. Apply the best possible technology for the prediction and control of noise and vibration.
     3. Help clients solve problems and complete their projects in an environmentally sensitive, cost-effective, and time-critical manner.

ATS has industry-leading knowledge of acoustic principals and practical experience resolving key technical challenges. In particular, we have an outstanding record of employing advanced measurement and prediction methodologies to accurately identify potential issues and develop cost-effective strategies for controlling noise and vibration.


In addition to technical resources, ATS offers its clients unique insights and proven performance in managing complex projects. As a result, ATS is able to provide a comprehensive array of acoustical consulting services for a variety of clients, industries, and projects.


​The foundation of ATS Consulting is a wealth of experience with an active approach to problem solving. ATS combined technical know-how, an understanding of overall project needs, and practical solutions for tackling noise and vibration and other strategic project issues. Collectively, our team's experience provided a full range of noise and vibration consulting services for the environmental review, design, construction, and operation of surface transportation, infrastructure, and development projects.


  • ​Railway Noise and Vibration Analysis


  • Traffic Noise Studies

  • Research and Specialized Studies​

  • Construction, Infrastructure and Facilities​

  • Community Noise

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