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Project Name

Central Corridor LRT Final Design, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN


Metropolitan Council

The Central Corridor LRT line will connect downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul. Vibration impacts to sensitive receptors became a major issue during the FEIS phase of the project. Concerned stakeholders include Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), Twin Cities Public Television (tpt), the University of Minnesota, the State Historic Preservation Office, two historic churches, among others. The project is currently under construction and is expected to be operational in 2014. The alignment is within 20 ft of the MPR facility in St. Paul that has approximately 30 broadcast and recording studios, is approximately 20 ft from the PBS facility that houses the television broadcast studios, passes within 30 ft of the historic churches, and is in relatively close proximity to numerous research laboratories at the University. The ATS role in the FEIS phase included detailed vibration testing, developing vibration predictions for the sensitive spaces, assisting in negotiations on vibration mitigation, and working closely with various stakeholders to ensure that their concerns were comprehensively addressed. ATS is currently on the final design team and has been responsible for making sure that the vibration mitigation measures will perform as designed even during the coldest Minnesota winters.

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