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Project Name

San Jacinto/Perris Valley Commuter Rail, Perris CA


Riverside County Transportation Commission

RCTC and Metrolink are studying introduction of commuter rail service from Riverside to Perris using the BNSF San Jacinto line that runs from the Highgrove area of Riverside to Perris Valley. The project will use the existing right-of-way, but would replace the existing track with new rail and would also involve the construction of new trackwork and connections. Current operations on the San Jacinto line are limited to local deliveries by BNSF; typically one train out and one train back per day.

ATS Consulting analyzed the noise and vibration impacts of four alternatives for linking the San Jacinto line to downtown Riverside.

An important aspect of this project was the sensitivity of several Riverside residential areas and politicians representing the residents to the increase in noise and vibration that would be caused by the introduction of Metrolink service. As such, the noise and vibration studies had to be carefully prepared and documented to demonstrate that the noise and vibration concerns had been comprehensively addressed.

ATS attended several community meetings to discuss the approach that would be taken for the analysis, conferred with community representatives about the noise monitoring locations, performed continuous monitoring of both noise and vibration at a number of locations over periods ranging from one to five days, and presented the results of the study to the project team and the RCTC Commissioners. The conclusions of our study were that noise impacts were likely at a number of residential locations in Riverside and Perris. The primary sources of the noise impacts were train horns, wheel squeal, and locomotive noise. ATS provided specific recommendations to mitigate the noise impacts.

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