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On-call Noise and Vibration Projects, Sacramento Regional Transit District LRT


Sacramento Regional Transit

ATS Consulting has been performing on-call noise and vibration assessments for RT for over 10 years as part of several General Engineering Support Services contracts. Tasks have included:

•    Analyzing the potential for LRT vibration to damage historic buildings. 


•    Recommending ways to improve residential sound insulation and reduce levels of building vibration.


•    Developing a noise mitigation approach for grade crossing bells. 


•    Performing the noise and vibration assessment for the South Line Extension Final EIS/EIR. 


•    Testing of rail dampers that are designed to reduce wayside noise levels. The testing showed that the dampers could provide a small but consistent 3 decibel reduction of wayside noise on tangent track. 


•    Quantifying the noise reductions that could be achieved with carefully designed rail and wheel maintenance programs. The testing showed that there is the potential for achieving a 5 to 6 decibel noise reduction, which would be sufficient to eliminate the need for some sound walls on future RT extensions.


ATS brings to this project the ability to respond to virtually any RT request for noise and vibration analysis and to provide RT with high quality, professional reports that fully document the analysis and conclusions of the study.


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