ATS Consulting is a valuable partner in the environmental review, engineering, construction, and operation of public and private projects across the country. We are also involved in state-of-the-art research into noise and vibration issues from transit systems and provide expert testimony and other litigation support services.

Specifically, ATS performs noise and vibration analyses associated with rail transit (subways, light rail, commuter rail); freight railroads; highways and local road improvements; major infrastructure systems and government facilities; and new residential, commercial, and industrial development.

Throughout the development and implementation of these projects, ATS prepares technical reports in support of state and federal (NEPA, CEQA) environmental documents; develops cost-effective designs for noise and vibration control; helps manage and strategize noise and vibration mitigation; and identifies ways to improve operational performance. And finally, ATS is well versed in relating technical concepts to lay audiences and is a valuable partner in the community-outreach proceses. 

Our clients include:​
   Transportation Agencies
   Local Jurisdictions
   Engineering and Environmental Consulting Firms
   Law Firms
   Developers and Investors

Types of Projects:
   Railway Noise and Vibration 
   Traffic Noise Studies 
   Research and Specialized Studies 
   Construction, Infrastructure and Facilities 
   Community Noise 

​Railway Noise and Vibration Analysis
Traffic Noise Studies
ATS Consulting Employees at Work

ATS specializes in noise and vibration control for rail systems and has been involved in a number of significant transit projects across the country. Over the past several years, ATS has provided noise and vibration consulting services for new rail transit lines in Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson and Vancouver, BC. In addition, we have helped major long-haul railroads address community noise complaints associated with rail yards and new facilities, and are working to change the noise at grade crossings to dramatically improve the quality of life for those living near rail systems.


ATS works with transportation agencies to identify and abate traffic noise impacts. In addition to technical studies following state and federal agency policies and procedures, ATS looks to innovative approaches to minimize traffic noise, including the use of “quiet pavements” to reduce noise from the source. For example, ATS performed before and after measurements to quantify the noise reduction from installing rubberized asphalt pavement and researched models to mathematically model the acoustic properties of pavements.

Note: As of 2020, ATS no longer provides highway project services. 

Research and Specialized Studies
Construction, Infrastructure & Facilities
Rail Profile Device

ATS Consulting is committed to expanding the field of knowledge regarding the effects of noise and vibration from transportation systems. As in the past, ATS is currently engaged in state and federal research projects, including developing a better understanding of the atmospheric effects on long-distance sound propagation, studying the use of audible devices to improve pedestrian safety in light-rail transit environments, improving predictions of ground-borne vibration, and developing new criteria to evaluate the impacts building vibration on the building occupants.

ATS Employees on Construction Site

ATS works with local jurisdictions to minimize construction noise while not unduly burdening project construction with onerous mitigation. The construction of new infrastructure and facilities can create significant, albeit temporary, noise impacts, particularly in urban areas. One such example is the analysis completed for the construction of two new sewer systems in Los Angeles. Using extensive noise measurements and detailed predictions of construction noise levels, we were able to focus in on specific construction sites and phases and thus develop targeted and highly effective mitigation.

Community Noise
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​ATS performs the full spectrum of community noise analyses, from predicting the impacts of a proposed project on the environment, such as an increase in local traffic resulting from a new commercial development, to evaluating the effects of the environment on the proposed project. For example, ATS completed the analysis of noise and vibration from existing train service on a proposed residential community. Using in situ measurements and past experience with residential sound insulation and predicting building response to ground-borne vibration, ATS produced and submitted to the developer design recommendations that met state and local requirements for compatible land-use development.