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Project Name

Vibration Study, Tucson Modern Streetcar


University of Arizona

The proposed Tucson modern streetcar system will pass through the University of Arizona campus in relatively close proximity to a number of important research facilities. The University was an important partner in the conceptual stages of the modern streetcar project, but was concerned that vibration from the streetcar could affect some of their research facilities. ATS was engaged by the University to assess whether and where vibration from the proposed streetcar system might intrude on existing research activities.

ATS identified which facilities were potential problem areas and developed preliminary recommendations for minimizing the adverse effects of the vibration. The primary goal of the study was to identify any “fatal flaws,” which might exist if vibration from streetcar

operations would make it impossible to continue the research at the same facility or if it would be very expensive to reduce the vibration to the point where it would not interfere with the research activities.

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