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Page from web site that ATS designed and maintains to allow the communities access to the noise monitoring data

Project Name

West Los Angeles College Construction Noise

West Los Angeles College Construction Noise


​Los Angeles Community College District

From 2005 through 2012 ATS Consulting’s staff assisted West Los Angeles College address neighboring communities concerns about noise from the Master Plan build-out of their facility. Tasks included preparing the noise section of the EIR, analysis of specific noise sources, meetings with the community representatives, and continuous monitoring of construction noise.

Working closely with the contractor, WLAC, and the community, ATS continuously monitored noise at seven locations near the campus boundaries. The purpose of the noise monitoring was to provide assurance to the communities south and west of the campus that noise from construction activities did not exceed thresholds specified in agreements between WLAC and the community. 

ATS developed software that automated download and processing of the noise monitor data and then uploaded the results to a web site that community members could access. Through this approach, the monitoring data was available in a timely manner to all concerned parties. In addition, ATS summarized the data in monthly reports and posted the reports on a webpage for the public to view.

Other tasks performed by ATS included analyzing sound walls that would reduce noise from construction activities and from trucks on a temporary haul road, analyzing potential noise impacts from a new sports stadium, and developing noise predictions for a number of construction activity scenarios. Loaded vinyl curtains were used extensively for noise control. Measurements by ATS showed that the curtains were very effective and the communities generally were very pleased with the performance of the sound walls.

Temporary sound wall under construction along WLAC haul road (loaded-vinyl curtain)

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